Island Whale Festival

Stall Holders

Victorian Fisheries Authority

Victoria boasts a variety of fish and seafood whether you buy it from a fishmonger, eat it at a restaurant or catch it yourself.

Our fisheries are sustainably managed so everyone can enjoy fish now and into the future. You can do your bit by understanding catch limits, licensing, permitted equipment and free kids activities.

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Dolphin Research Insitute

An award-winning not for profit organisation based on the shores of Western Port. For more than three decades, our passionate team of researchers and educators have dedicated themselves to protecting what we love in Victoria’s marine environment.

Our work is based on long-term research and shares our knowledge with the community through our innovative education programs and leadership.

Our goal is always to achieve the best conservation outcomes possible for the incredible range of animals that frequent our waters, whether it’s the resident bottlenose and common dolphins or the migrating giants, humpback and southern right whales.

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Conservation Regulator - Dept of Environment, Land, Water & Planning

The Conservation Regulator is responsible for the regulation of use of public land, wildlife and biodiversity in Victoria.

It oversees these functions by educating the community about the laws governing conservation and environment protection, providing guidance and support to encourage compliance, and by monitoring and taking enforcement actions when needed.

They also regulate water safety around marine mammals which includes whales, dolphins and seals. Marine mammal regulations are designed to protect and conserve wildlife and biodiversity of Victoria’s marine environment.

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Totally Renewable Phillip Island

Totally Renewable Phillip Island (TRPI) is a movement of like-minded individuals and organisations with a vision of becoming carbon neutral and 100% renewable by 2030.

TRPI encompasses 15 partner groups and working groups themed around Clean Energy, Clean Transport, Food and Waste, Education and Communication, Carbon Accounting, and Regenerative Carbon Farming. TRPI works with other local communities to share our vision and empower the region toward a positive future.

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Wildlife Coast Cruises

Wildlife Coast Cruises lets you discover Phillip Island and Wilson’s Promontory from the water with unique sea voyages.

From scenic tours highlighting the beautiful coastline, to natural habitats and exceptional marine mammals such as seals, whales, and dolphins. Our modern 20 metre catamarans paired with a crew of knowledgeable and passionate naturalists make our tours an experience to remember.

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Westernport Water

Learn about the important role water plays in our lives. Hear about why you should ‘Choose Tap’ and the importance of reducing single-use water bottles in our community.

Also learn what not to flush and dispose of in our wastewater system – “Stop It, Don’t Block It!”.

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Turn The Page Books
Owners Brendan & Kylie will have lots of whale and marine books for sale for all ages. Come & say hi!

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Boomerang Bags Phillip Island & San Remo

Boomerang Bags is a community-driven initiative tackling plastic pollution at the grassroots level.

Dedicated schools, community groups, businesses and volunteers get together to make re-useable ‘Boomerang Bags’ using recycled materials as a means to replace plastic bags.

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Visitor Information Centre

Come visit our friendly team from the Visitor Information Centre and get some local advice on the best places to explore across our beautiful region.

Souvenirs, giftware and locally made products will be available to buy at the Centre and the Whale Festival.

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Bass Coast Shire Council

Bass Coast Shire Council is thrilled to be part of The Island Whale Festival once again, with our Visitor Information team keen to help you explore the Phillip Island and Bass Coast region.

Council’s Waste Services team is looking forward to talking to you about the importance of reducing waste to landfill and how to use the right bin to help protect our precious environment.

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